Benefits of psychometric testing for hiring

Benefits of psychometric testing for hiring

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Geet Jalota

Geet Jalota

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Psychometric Tests are scientific tools designed to assess pre-defined parameters. Different tests measure different parameters. Tests go beyond what is written in the CV or answers given during an interview to assess a person’s attributes and to what extent they are present. 85% of the Fortune 500 companies use psychometric tools as a selection aid. Understanding what parameter is to be measured can help you to select the right test and use them to improve hiring decisions.   

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Type of Tests


Tests can be designed to assess:

  • Subject matter knowledge, especially critical for knowledge work e.g. Java etc.
  • Attributes like integrity or attitudinal. These can be physical or related to personality for e.g. sociability, drive, keen eye, arrogance, intelligence etc.
  • Aptitude, an individual’s talent or natural inclination for  mechanical or mental work, athletic, verbal, numerical aptitude etc. Especially useful at fresher level; Tests help you 'screen in' aptitudes and key competency areas. For example, for a retail company, customer service aptitude is crucial; for sales, it is commercial ability. Aptitude tests help identify which candidate has the best aptitude. 
  • Personality affects interaction and behaviour at the workplace. Key parameters assess candidates for managerial / leadership roles. Personality tests provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cognitive tests measure IQ. 
  • Assessment Centres are interventions designed to measure specific skills and competencies using various standardised tests and exercises. Exercises can be games, role plays, in basket exercises and simulations, which run over 1 to 3 days. They can be used to select or eliminate a candidate and also to assess employee development needs.

No doubt some of these parameters can be assessed during an interview as well, while some can only be assessed using scientifically developed, objective tools. 

Before administering a test, it is important to understand:

  • What you want to measure – whether it is an attribute, aptitude or personality
  • Which attributes are critical for effective performance in different jobs
  • Whether it has any legal implications 
  • Whether you want manual or online versions 

Though there are online assessment companies, at the initial stage it is best to utilise a consultant’s services to decide which tests would make the most sense, and how to use the test results. Some critical attributes cannot be measured through these tests therefore an exercise or management game would have to be used to get a full understanding of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. This is called a 'Test Battery'. These test batteries are also very effective in determining learnability, sociability, team, delegation and leadership styles of employees. The results can be shared for development purposes.


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