Entrepreneurship: Up close & personal

Entrepreneurship: Up close & personal


Sayantan Saha

Sayantan Saha

3 Apr 2017, 07:49 — 3 min read

The journey of an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Entrepreneurship demands your full commitment. Your hard work, patience and perseverance will eventually show rich dividends. Entrepreneurship can turn your life in two opposite directions. Either success over the long run or failure and lessons from failed ventures.

Here is my story. I am a computer science graduate from MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology). I used to contribute in Mozilla Foundation’s Open Source project in my sophomore year days. I was a decent scorer in college. I hardly paid attention to regular studies. But I cherished the desire and tenacity to do something different from others. So, I used to spend my time with computers and on the internet to learn new things and studied a lot of articles on entrepreneurship and upcoming technologies.

I had a dream in my school days to be an architect. I wanted to design buildings and bridges and set up my own construction company. But after +2, I had to pursue Computer Science Engineering which was against my will. That was the first time I realised that one should never follow the brain over the heart.

I always had a deep passion or you can say a bug in me to build something of my own. This intangible desire turned my life into a completely different direction very soon. I took an interest in entrepreneurship and started learning business related things in my third year of college. I used to discuss ideas with my father, he was my first mentor who taught me how to do business. Along the way, I have faced failures but never gave up.

In the final semester of college, everyone was preoccupied with campus placements but I skipped that part of my life, so that I could pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. One day I was scrolling down an untitled note in my phone and read a venture plan on healthcare. Without wasting a single moment, I opened my laptop to give shape to that idea, gathered a lot of data and did a lot of research for that project. Then I formed Medera Healthcare which is a company with a vision to develop new affordable technology in the healthcare domain.


My entrepreneurial journey has taught me that if you have the guts and willpower to follow your dreams, then no one can stop you from making them a reality.

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Sayantan Saha

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