How does color affect your branding?

How does color affect your branding?

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Color plays a vital role in all aspects of our lives. Because of this, it’s one of the most interesting things for businesses to study. There has been a lot of research to gauge how colors affect human behavior, and businesses were quick to pick up on the benefits of these studies for product and brand development.

In the psychology of colors, association is the name of the game. Basically, we associate certain emotions with specific colors. This is based on our upbringing, culture, or even outside influences like the opinions of others. Most of the time, though, this association is so innate that we don’t notice it, but those who study color theory and understand its effects acknowledge the impact of colors on human psychology and behavior.

For example, take a look at these basic colors. See what they’re commonly associated with, and how you can use these colors in your branding:

1. Red
Red, the warmest color, exudes high energy. This could go both ways: positive, as in the form of excitement, or negative, as in the form of alarm. Red is used to grab attention for important things, which is why your office deadlines and announcements are always outlined in red. It can also symbolize youth, such as in toys or junk food brands.

2. Orange
Orange is the color of confidence. It’s unapologetic and proud with a dash of fun thrown in. Undoubtedly, it stands out among other colors, and if you saw a big orange sign in the middle of a road, you’d probably have to stop and see what it says. Similar to red, it’s also a youthful and enthusiastic color, thanks to its bright and warm hue.

Yellow is the color of the sun, which is a symbol for
 happiness. Like orange, it stands out in a sea of other colors, and it can be used to call attention to specific faces, icons or points. This is why the yellow highlighter is always the most common one. Just like the sun, it can also convey feelings of warmth and clarity.

4. Green
What more can green represent than Mother Nature herself? This association has been made so long ago and kept alive for so many years that the term ‘going green’ literally means to get back to nature. So, if your business has anything to do with organics, sustainability, or the elements, green is of course
 a good idea. But even if it doesn’t connect to any of those things, using green still conveys the feelings we get from nature: health, growth, and peace.

5. Blue

The color of many websites and social media platforms, hospitals and health products, as well as most things that have to do with technology; blue is a color of dependability, safety and security. Blue is associated with the sky, which has a calming effect on all who look at it. For that reason, blue is commonly used when you want your customers to feel safe and valued.

6. Purple
Purple has been considered as the color of royalty for so long that it dates back to when kingdoms existed. Today, purple continues to symbolize grandeur, mysticism and the extraordinary. Purple calls to your imagination, so brands like to use this ‘anything is possible’ mindset created by the color to direct their customers’ focus on the many possibilities created by their products or services.

7. Black

Black, the color of darkness, is widely known to be an ‘edgy’ color. In the case of branding, it’s usually put alongside other colors to neutralize the polarizing effects that it may have. For example, making yellow or red a few shades darker, or adding black text on top of it, might lower its excitement factor and make it safer-looking instead.

8. White
White, is known to be an elegant and minimalistic color. It’s the color of cleanliness, simplicity and purity. White, and to an extent gray, can also symbolize sleekness or class. Black and white, especially when used together, make striking and memorable logos because they balance each other out - putting the edginess of black against the purity of white.

Do share your thoughts on color and how it impacts psychology, behavior and branding.

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