I Love Mondays, Do You?

I Love Mondays, Do You?


Summi Gambhir

Summi Gambhir

413 week ago — 3 min read

It was a beautiful Monday morning (at least that’s what I had thought). I was in office after a very productive weekend, where I was locked up in my room most of Saturday and Sunday, for my own planning session. My weekend 'self-time' is reserved for working on a to-do list for the week ahead. In office that Monday morning, just as I had finished a review meeting with my team to prioritise the week's tasks and briefed them from my weekend planning exercise, my cell phone beeped.


I quickly reached out for my phone, overly cautious to not miss an important mail or message, only to find a typical tongue-in-cheek message, forwarded by a distant friend “Mondays are a punishment for what you did over the weekend”.


“What?” I exclaimed to myself, astonished. I accept it’s likely quite a non-typical response, but I truly love Mondays and eagerly look forward to the beginning of every week.


There’s something about Mondays that energises me. I feel like the week ahead is filled with fresh opportunities. It feels like an entire week of possibilities is looking me in the eye, waiting to be grabbed. The feeling is similar to the extended special sale, after you missed grabbing those special items you had always craved for but missed during the initial sale period. Now that you see them again staring you in the face, you grab them gleefully. Similarly, to me each Monday looks like the opportunity to catch up on doing those amazing things I missed in the past weeks and also to review new opportunities and ideas from my ‘dreaming’ sessions of the weekend.


I feel this sense must be common to many, especially to entrepreneurs and business owners. Like me, they too must see Mondays as providing the great opportunity to streamline their work and plan effectively.


And with this, the idea of #EntrepreneurMonday was born. A day that energises us, drives us and motivates us to continue pursuing our dreams. A day that reminds us of the infinite possibilities and the need to align our efforts in achieving those dreams. Let’s commit ourselves to our big business dreams. Let’s commit our Mondays to be a first step each week as we move towards achieving more of our dreams.  And let’s use this a forum to spread some MondayLove.


Do you love your Mondays as I do? Do share your thoughts and tell us what your Mondays mean to you. While much of the corporate world thanks the week on Fridays, let us as Entrepreneurs & Business Owners thank the Monday each week for getting us closer to where we so fondly seek to be.