In the wake of calamity, this entrepreneur has risen like a phoenix

In the wake of calamity, this entrepreneur has risen like a phoenix

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The story of the phoenix is the stuff of legends. Rare as it may be, sometimes one comes across a story of triumph so unique, that it deserves mention in the annals of entrepreneurial success. Jitesh Mehta, the founder of Source India, is one such true champion who has redefined boundaries and carved a niche for himself, in the field of outsourcing and exporting engineering goods. Having lost everything including his home in the aftermath of the calamitous 2001 Gujarat earthquake, Jitesh vowed to hit back with a bang. He was able to secure a loan to kick-start his business, based on his old clients’ goodwill and the promise of his new proposed enterprise. Such was the turnaround in his fortune that in a decade, his business spread far and wide, earning him national and international acclaim as well as a position in the ‘Make In India’ campaign, at the  Hannover Fair in 2015.

In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL), Jitesh Mehta (JM) shares his remarkable business journey and never give-up attitude that saw him bounce back in such stupendous fashion.


GL: Tell us about your business.

JM: Source India has two different lines of business and was established by me in 2002.

On the one hand, we outsource engineering products from India to European & North American customers, working as Indian sourcing partners. We take care of all their requirements and all processes including requests for quotation, negotiations, vendor development, quality inspections, logistics etc. Some of our notable clients include Bruce Anchor Ltd. located at the Isle of Man in the British Isles, Skoda, the Tier 1 Supplier of Bombardier, IEC Holden, Canada etc. Our outsourcing business was developed because we realised that many customers overseas wanted to buy from India but they did not have the requisite expertise.

On the other hand, we export engineering products from India. In this line of business, we carry out CNC Machining, coating & other required processes on Steel, Stainless Steel & Grey Iron Castings & Forgings. We pride ourselves on our stringent quality control and aesthetic value of the engineered products, meeting the quality requirements of our European & North American buyers.

GL: What made you start this business?

JM: On graduating from Birla Engineering College, I worked in an engineering company for ten years, moving from a trainee to the company’s CEO in five years. I followed this, with a stint in a British company for sourcing their machinery to India. After gaining this experience, I started my own business of exporting and sourcing machinery from India.

GL: What were some challenges that you faced in your business?

JM: One of the major concerns in my line of work was convincing foreign collaborators of the quality of products made in India. Here was where my stint with the British firm proved invaluable.

Raising funds was another formidable challenge to surmount. Having lost virtually all I owned as a result of the Gujarat earthquake, I had to rely heavily on my previous clients who came forward and gave me advance payments, possibly as a result of the goodwill I had earned and my prior quality of work. This was a huge boost and helped kick-start my business in a year's time.

GL: Do you think that the ‘Make in India’ campaign is benefitting SMEs like yourself?

JM: The ‘Make in India’ campaign has had an extremely positive and reinforcing vibe among the manufacturing community in India. I was a proud participant in Prime Minster Modi’s 'Make in India' launch initiative at the Hannover Fair of 2015. This helped establish confidence in India’s ability to manufacture high quality goods, a facet that until then carried a negative perception, especially in Germany.

GL: Who are some of your major clients?

JM: Some of our major clients are National Oilwell Varco, Netherlands & France, Kolmeks Oy Ltd., Finland, ASS AG, Switzerland.

GL: How do you believe GlobalLinker can be helpful in creating a networking platform for SMEs like yourself?

JM: I believe that GlobalLinker’s strongest and most potent USP is the fact that it facilitates small businesses like mine in India and indeed, around the world, to connect globally and share invaluable insights and knowledge.

GL: What is your big business dream?

JM: My overarching ambition is to make India a global manufacturing hub. In my own little way, I would want to contribute, by expanding my customer base to other geographies across the world. I want to be instrumental in making the world believe that Indians can manufacture high quality machinery & precision products.

GL: What is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

JM: My advice is simple -- work hard and always be ethical in your dealings. Don’t lose focus of your goals. Always keep long term gains firmly in your mind, while taking business decisions. I have a team of 22 people and I always tell them that there is no substitute for hard work, good ethics and sound principles.

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In the wake of calamity, this entrepreneur has risen like a phoenix


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