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Neena Narayan

Managing Director at Ishta Creation Private Limited

New Delhi, India

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  • Pack of 5 ISHTA Disposable Recyclable Toilet Seat Covers to Avoid Direct Contact with Unhygienic Seats (25 Pcs)


    1 Unit (Min Order)

  • Pack of 3 ISHTA Disposable Waterproof Premium Recyclable Soft Toilet Seat Covers (15 Pcs)


    1 Unit (Min Order)

  • Pack of 12 ISHTA Disposable Waterproof Premium Recyclable Soft Toilet Seat Covers (60 pcs)


    1 Unit (Min Order)

  • Pack of 6 ISHTA Disposable Waterproof Premium Recyclable Soft Toilet Seat Covers (30 Pcs)


    1 Unit (Min Order)

  • Pack of 15 ISHTA Waterproof Disposable Soft Fabric Toilet Seat Cover (75 Pcs)


    1 Unit (Min Order)

  • Pack of 10 ISHTA White Toilet Seat Cover Disposable Recyclable (50 Pcs)


    1 Unit (Min Order)

  • Pack of 18 ISHTA Disposable Waterproof Premium Recyclable Soft Toilet Seat Covers (90 Pcs)


    1 Unit (Min Order)

  • Pack of 24 ISHTA Disposable Recyclable Soft Fabric Waterproof Toilet Seat Covers (120 Pcs)


    1 Unit (Min Order)

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    Business Requirements

    At ISHTA Our approach is to innovate, stay simple and impact: We have developed a unique, easy to carry, no touch, comfortable, waterproof cover for toilet seat - “ISHTA” -. It provides a clean experience and helps prevent UTIs and other infections unknowingly contracted at times while using toilet seats. We contribute a part of ISHTA sale proceeds to organisations constructing and maintaining toilets. We try engage women (otherwise working as house helps) in our processes, helping them to earn extra money and learn to be ambassadors of change in hygiene habits. Clean is also Green... ISHTA is minimalistic and follows 3Rs- Reduce the use of paper, Redeploy part proceeds for sanitation, Recyclable material for environment safe disposal. At Ishta we strive for synergy: some make ISHTA, some add a brick for a toilet, some earn and learn, and sanitation becomes a reality in many ways for all. Everyone engaged contributes and achieves for oneself and each other.

    Welcome to Ishta Creation Private Limited, a leading provider in the Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care / Personal Care & Hygiene industry.  We are located in New Delhi and have been serving in India for over 6 years . Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. Thank you for considering Ishta Creation Private Limited and we hope to hear from you soon.

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    Incorporation Type

    Private Limited Company

    Year of Establishment

    February 2017

    Nature of Business


    Industry Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care > Personal Care & Hygiene

    Location(s) New Delhi (India) |

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    Key Contacts

    Neena Narayan

    Managing Director



    Primary My Location

    Head-office/Primary office

    4384/4A,ansari road,darya ganj,New Delhi, New Delhi Delhi 110002

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    Neena Narayan

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